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Have you been dreaming about starting a nonprofit ministry or organization?
Are you unsure how to go about it…what to do first?
Are you confused about the paperwork or bogged down?
Do you have too many advisors giving you differing advice?
Do you wish there was just one place to go for the help you need?

GOOD NEWS . . . There is a place!

MINISTRY 911 has been helping to bring ministry and service dreams to life for years! We are here for you!

We will:

  • Listen to your dream and link arms with you to see it come alive and prosper
  • Glean all the necessary information from you, and transpose it into the required local, state and federal documents
  • Teach you how to choose the right people
  • Teach all about boards of directors, and provide a comprehensive training for your board
  • Walk you through record-keeping and reports
  • Be your support and cheerleader


Ministry 911 can help with all the initial setup procedures when starting a new non-profit organization. We can help you decide on the right structure as well as facilitate incorporation and write all documents required to make you a legal 501(c)3, non-profit corporation. And, if needed, we’ll stay with you and continue offering friendly advice and consultation. We also offer on-going training opportunities to help new and existing NPO’s.

Are you ready for a Church Makeover?
Is your current church outreach stale, not organized or non-existent?
Do you have a desire for an effective method to reach the people in your community?


Ministry 911 offers in-church Mercy Ministry Development and Church Makeovers? As times change, we need to look at how we are doing things, as a church, to see if we are accomplishing our vision. It never hurts to freshen up, evaluate priorities and implement new perspectives! Our 3-5 day intensive training has been proven nationwide to help entire church bodies effectively reach their surrounding communities through a safe and attainable Mercy Ministry. If you’ve been searching for answers, it’s worth considering.

Do you need personal help processing the issues and challenges of life?
Are you open to exploring the journey to a healthy spiritual life?
Are you interested in having an encouraging, uplifting speaker share with your group?


Ministry 911 offers self-help resources, including life coaching, workbooks and speaking engagements, to assist with the issues and challenges we face in our daily life. Through prayer, support groups and spiritual guidance, we’ll assist individuals on the path to divine healing.

Our heart-desire is to see our communities made healthier, safer, and more prosperous through nonprofit organizations serving alongside other community agencies.

We want to encourage and provide opportunities for neighbors to help and support each other.
To help make this happen, we keep fees at a bare minimum while delivering service at a maximum.

In The Spotlight

Little_Hearts_LOGO-2 www.littleheartsmedical.org

Little Hearts Medical provides free cardiac care to orphans and poor children in China. Together with our Partners, Little Hearts Medical teams offer surgical and interventional heart cath care for some of China’s neediest children.